A perfect blend of traditional winemaking and modern technologies

Appearing on the Georgian market two years ago, George Grey Winery swiftly attracted attention to its traditional wines, as well as wines made using modern technologies. The story of George Grey Winery begins decades ago in the historic village of Tsilkani, where winemaking started 1400 years ago. Two entrepreneurs – Giorgi Rukhadze and David Dudauri – united in the idea of creating a new Georgian wine brand that would present the market with premium quality wines made using ancient traditions, expertise, and experience of ancestors and modern technologies. 

The company owns vineyards populated with ancient Georgian grape varieties – Shavkapito, Chinuri, Goruli Mtsvane, Tsitska, Tsolikouri, and others. Vineyards are located in different regions and on terroirs suitable for each variety, which ensures the high quality of the harvest. In addition, George Grey Winery oversees the vineyards of Rkatsiteli and Saperavi. 

The company has two main lines of operation: traditional winemaking, where it produces premium quality traditional Georgian wines, including Saperavi, Kindzmarauli, qvevri Rkatsiteli, and qvevri Kisi, and a new sub-brand “Kesane” – the first blue Georgian wine that intrigued the consumers the moment it appeared on the market. 

There is an interesting story behind this wine: Tata Sauri, the author of the idea and one of the partners of the company, worked on achieving the natural blue color of wine for many years with her mother. Finally, a unique wine was born, thanks to the support from George Grey Winery and the knowledge of the wine technician. The inspiration came from blue forget-me-nots (“kesane” in Georgian), giving both the name and the color to the wine. 

European wine technologists were also involved in the process of creating the light blue color of  “Kesane” wine, as well as perfecting the final product. The wine is made from Rkatsiteli grapes using  European technologies, with the addition of the blue pigment from the skin of the black grape that gives it a unique color and taste. The new line of wine called “Kesane” was initially created to cater to a younger audience. The creators thought that the older generation would be skeptical of this type of wine. But they soon discovered that blue wine aroused interest among consumers of all generations. 

Production of “Kesane” began last year, during the pandemic. Soon after the wine appeared on the Georgian market, the Japanese took great interest in it. The first batch was sent to Japan at the end of the year, where it can already be purchased in different locations. 

Wine specialists characterize Georgie Grey Winery as a perfect blend of traditional winemaking and modern technologies. 

Jaba Dzimistarashvili | Official member of Worldwide Sommelier Association | Executive board member of Georgian Sommelier Association | Member of Degustation Commission | Vice-champion of “Best Sommelier of Georgia”:

“Tradition fused with innovation! Lead sommeliers and Masters of Wine always ask: “Keeping the traditions is great, but what do we have to offer to the modern world?” George Grey Winery is a perfect example – a company with a traditional winemaking line, and a novelty in winemaking! This is a company that never stops, and is always looking for something new”.

And another novelty: George Grey Winery managed to combine wine and art in a single product. The company offers premium quality wine in engraved bottles. The look of each bottle is unique, engraved with a work of art upon individual request. This is a novelty on the Georgian market. 

George Grey Winery wines are accessible in local wine and spirits shops, including “8000 vintages”, “Alcorium”, Tbileli’s Historic Karvasla, and others. Besides Tbilisi, the wine can be purchased in Telavi, Gori, Kutaisi, and Batumi. 

The main goal of George Gray Winery strategy is to increase the number of export markets and further develop them. The company believes that both traditional and modernized wines they produce will successfully establish their place in the world market.

The company’s innovation is their Blue and Green “Kesane” wine, which they offer to local as well as international markets. Green “Kesane” is a novelty in the world of winemaking. It is made using a combination of 8000-year-old traditions and modern winemaking. This new type of wine is made using assorted Kisi grapes. The green color of “Kesane” is derived from the synthesis of Kisi Qvevri Wine and flower pigment received from the grape skin. Tones of hazelnut and apricots are pleasantly combined with the delicate notes of sweet peaches and apples. 

Teimuraz Lezhava: qvevri wine-making is safe for the environment, making qvevri wine the most eco-friendly beverage!

Teimuraz Lezhava: qvevri wine-making is safe for the environment, making qvevri wine the most eco-friendly beverage!

The Embassy of Georgia in Japan as well as it’s the Ambassador, Mr

KARDANAKHI ESTATE is already represented by six types of wine in Georgian and foreign markets.

KARDANAKHI ESTATE is already represented by six types of wine in Georgian and foreign markets.

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