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Dimitri Bantle-Kolesnikov crafts around 30 varieties of wine including Chacha (a traditional pomace brandy) and liquor under the brand name Winery Bantle’s Wines in the village of Dzegvi, Kartli. Twelve years ago, he, along with his wife Marina and son Mikheil, relocated to Georgia. He purchased an estate in Dzegvi, built a wine cellar, and commenced wine production.

“My father has always been personally involved in pressing the wine, and I have gained this knowledge from him as well. Despite being a physicist by profession, he possesses remarkable skills in tending the vineyard. He is also adept at pressing wine and overseeing its care. In our cellar, we focus on producing wines primarily from 12 grape varieties sourced from Kartli and Kakheti, using a blend of traditional and classical methods. We dedicate considerable time and attention to each variety, ensuring excellent results and crafting wines that are both captivating and unique. Additionally, we offer a selection of Chacha and liqueurs made from fruits cultivated on our farm.”

In the cellar of Bantle’s Wines, there are 15 qvevris with a volume of 12 tons each, showcasing the winemaker’s intriguing approaches, experiments, and results. Notably, varieties such as Chinuri, Goruli Mtsvane, and Tavkveri are already exported to America through INTERBALT FINE WINES & SPIRITS, an American company facilitating exports.

Dimitri, a surgeon by profession and a member of the Bantle family, possesses a rich ancestral heritage. The Bantle surname has been documented since 1780, linked to Anton Domenik von Bantle, a physician at Napoleon’s court. However, the Bantle lineage extends even further back. Dimitri uncovered their family coat of arms, dating back to the 16th century, in Karlsruhe, which is now proudly featured on the labels of Bantle’s Wines bottles.

Gustav, Dimitri’s great-grandfather, belonged to the Bantle family, originally from Saxony but later settling in Germany. He served as an adviser at Mikhail Romanov’s court and fell in love with Martha Kolesnikova. Together, they raised 12 children, including Dimitri’s grandfather, Mikhail. Today, three generations carry forward the Bantle family legacy: Dimitri’s father, Dimitri himself, and his son, Mikheil, who is also deeply engaged in winemaking.

Dimitri’s maternal great-grandfather, Sio Chanturishvili, tragically fell victim to repression in 1938 and lost his life. Despite having the opportunity to flee to France and begin a new life, he chose to remain in Georgia with his children instead of emigrating. Subsequently, Sio was executed. His three children, including Dimitri’s grandfather, were then raised by their mother in the village of Atsana, in Guria.

Sio was a renowned playwright who played a pivotal role in the revival of Georgian drama. He authored notable plays like The Mist, Orphan Soul, and Komela. His granddaughter, Dimitri’s mother, Ms. Natalia Chanturishvili, is honored as an artist and holds the prestigious position of concertmaster in Georgia.

Fascinating tales of ancestors, often intertwined with the realms of science and art, form an essential aspect of the Bantle’s Wines experience. This establishment consistently attracts numerous guests, ranging from wine connoisseurs to enthusiasts.

Dzegvi, Georgia
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GURIA – A Region of Unique Varieties, Vast Opportunities, and Diversity, Echoed in Local Cuisine and Wines

GURIA – A Region of Unique Varieties, Vast Opportunities, and Diversity, Echoed in Local Cuisine and Wines

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