Everything started in the 19th century, when Salome’s, Sopo’s, and Mirian’s great grandparents and several other people settled in Racha, in a village they would later call Tchrebalo. Upon settling, they sparked economic activities, opened stores, and established transportation companies. The building where “Tchrebalo Wine Cellar” resides today was built in 1895. This exact building is the one depicted in the first Georgian full-length film called “Journey of Akaki Tsereteli in Racha-Lechkhumi”.

“Tchrebalo Wine Cellar” was established in 2017 by Mirian Chigvaria. Salome and Sopo Lekishvili joined Mirian in 2019 with their investments. They work together today in efforts to establish Rachian wines among the unique wines of the world.

“We make 8 types of wines in the “Tchrebalo Wine Cellar”, using both classic and traditional qvevri methods. Khvanchkara, Aleksandrouli, Tetra, and Barakoni are made using Rachian grape varieties, whereas Usakhelauri and Tvishi, are made using Lechkhumi grapes. We also produce chacha – “Rachaha” – with Khvanchkara material (Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli grapes).

When we decided to establish the company, we agreed that everything would be connected to Racha – idea, history, name, and label. We discovered the unique ornament we use on our labels on the balconies of old wooden houses in Racha. We used it to create our logo as well”.

Today, most modern travelers choose natural, untouched destinations. Tourism industry experts predict remote and seldom visited destinations to become more popular with tourists, especially countries with beautiful nature and landscapes, delicious cuisine, and clean air. Racha-Lechkhumi checks every item on the list for adventure and rural tourism: historical monuments, unique sites, Rachian oda, sustainability, wine, gastronomy, cultural heritage, mineral waters, natural-geographical conditions, attractive nature, good climate. This is where “Tchrebalo Wine Cellar”, is located – a place where guests taste wonderful wines, and try famous Rachian dishes, along with the recipes that hosts found and revived.

“Tchrebalo Wine Cellar” wines and chacha is available on the local market, in wine bars and restaurants, as well as abroad – in the United States and various European countries.

Bolnisi – the inception of an exciting winemaking region

Bolnisi – the inception of an exciting winemaking region

MAYA JAVAKHISHVILI | publisher and editor-in-chief of Homeland of Wine: Bolnisi



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